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Not Enough Power? We’ve Got You Covered With Wallbox Power Boost

Wallbox Power Boost

Are you worried that you don’t have enough load to cover you electric vehicle charging needs? We all faced at least once in our life a blackout event as soon as we turn on all the kitchen appliances at the same time. Usually this happens because there is not enough energy in our house to support all the energy demand from those appliances. Now imagine if we also need to use our electric vehicle charger in order charge an electric vehicle. But wait! There is a solution and is called Wallbox Power Boost which enables you to always charge at the highest speed possible, based on your home’s real-time power demand. Below you will find a simple diagram which clearly explains how Power Boost by Wallbox works:

Wallbox Power Boost Explanation

When a lot of appliances are turned on, Power Boost slows your charge to stay within your grid’s power capacity. When one or more of those appliances turn off, Power Boost redirects that power to your EV once again. The result is an optimized charge for maximum efficiency and safety.

Power Boost as we have mentioned earlier helps to avoid blackouts and costly energy bills, adjusting the power the charger delivers to your car in accordance with the amount of live energy being used in your house. We always recommend installing Wallbox power boost as it is an important component, especially if your household load is not enough to cover your electric vehicle charging needs.

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