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Cyprus Police Is Going Electric

Wallbox Pulsar charging Cyprus Nissan Leaf

Cyprus police recently obtained two new Nissan Leaf. The all-electric Nissan Leaf has an instant acceleration, incredible range and plenty of cargo space – it has been for a long time one of the most successful EV model worldwide

Wallbox Pulsar Plus charging Nissan Leaf Cyprus Police

We have also delivered and installed two Wallbox Pulsar Plus – the most compact and powerful EV charger in the market – to Cyprus Police to cover their electric vehicle charging needs. During the delivery process we have demonstrated how Wallbox Pulsar Plus works, what are the key benefits and how you can use different features e.g. Wallbox App, Scheduling, Monitoring, etc.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus charging Nissan Leaf Cyprus Police

As the e-mobility key challenge is shifting from the so-called “range anxiety” (battery coverage range) towards the “charging infrastructure” ecosystem, we aspire to contribute in the shaping of Cyprus e-mobility infrastructure landscape through our expertise and solutioning, winning market trust and confidence.   

Find more about our electric vehicle charging solutions: www.maximumpower.com.cy

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