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Charging Cable

190.00210.00 exc. VAT

DBT Tiny 25kW

DBT Ultra 150kW

Etrel Inch Duo 22kW

Etrel Inch Pro 22kW

Hypercharger HYC200

Hypercharger HYC400

Hypercharger HYC50

Metallic Cable holder

42.90 exc. VAT

Pedestal Eiffel

370.00 exc. VAT

Pedestal Onyx

1,250.00 exc. VAT

Plastic Plug Holder (Type 2)

30.00 exc. VAT

Power Meter (3 phase up to 65A / EM340 / Carlo Gavazzi)

190.00 exc. VAT


35.00130.00 exc. VAT

Wallbox 1 Phase Clamp Power Meter

95.00 exc. VAT

Wallbox Commander 2

1,150.001,250.00 exc. VAT

Wallbox Commander 2S

870.00 exc. VAT

Wallbox Copper SB 22kW

850.00 exc. VAT

Wallbox Pulsar Max

750.00895.00 exc. VAT

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

690.00850.00 exc. VAT