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EKCO Maximum Power x Etrel: Learn More About Our Leading Innovative Products


As electric charging remains a prominent green solution in the ever-changing climate of creating a more sustainable and energy-friendly environment, EKCO Maximum Power stays at the forefront of leading change and progression with its innovative collaborations. As we strive to revolutionise the electric vehicle charging industry, we always look to cater personalised and cutting-edge solutions to meet the new needs and demands of businesses.


EKCO Maximum Power has been in a long collaboration with Etrel, an innovative brand that provides businesses and consumers with the utmost efficient and reliable products in the EV market, as it specialises in chargers for professional use. With smart charging systems and industry-leading technologies, Etrel has been a key innovator in establishing electric charging as part of the norm in modern day operations for businesses.
With simple, smart and user-centric solutions always in mind, Etrel has managed to offer leading charging solutions that although they are within the realm of an entirely new-found concept, they remain incredibly manageable, comprehensible and intelligent for every single business.


With Etrel products, businesses can have the peace of mind in implementing state-of-the-art chargers in their premises with innovation and smart technology at their core that maximise energy efficiency and prioritise user convenience. Through intelligent user interaction, advanced power management and flexibility, Etrel products are created to enhance a seamless customer experience that will be an added bonus to your company.
Businesses that are looking to become part of the global scheme towards a more sustainable present and devote their initiatives to shaping a greener future, will find an ease of mind in installing Etrel products, due to their advanced connectivity and groundbreaking versatility. They are designed to cater to various environments, equipped with intelligent capabilities that will optimise your business’ energy usage and cost-effectiveness and streamline your operations at the same time.

Etrel is at the forefront of leading EV charging infrastructure and solutions, as they pave the way for a more connected world. Their innovative lineup is revolutionising the way people transport, as well as providing a positive impact on businesses with future-proof technology, scalability and flexibility, which can cater to all possible needs and requirements. Their intuitive controls and interactive features prioritise convenience and ease above all, something that will propel businesses to achieve a competitive edge and a customer experience advantage.
EKCO Maximum Power’s range of Etrel products include AC Domestic and Commercial ChargersDC Commercial Chargers and Charging Accessories, so as to provide all advanced properties and features that businesses require to make the leap into a more energy-efficient tomorrow.
As the demand for more sustainable transportation continues to increase, EKCO Maximum Power’s collaboration with Etrel shows a deep commitment towards a more efficient future, while the integrity and innovation behind the products provide a great push for EV charging to become the new norm in an ever-changing global climate.

You can learn more about our Etrel products and do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.

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