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EKCO Maximum Power is amongst the leading providers of electric vehicle EV charging solutions in this new and dynamic sector of transport electrification. Our offering includes a complete range of advisory services and products for Charging Stations Infrastructure solutions, for private, business and public spaces. Our approach starts with the advisory part -study of client specific environment, needs and functional and technical requirements –, solutioning based on leading edge product portfolio AC & DC integrated solutions -such as Wallbox, a leading EV and energy management solutions brand-, installation, testing and commissioning as well as 24×7 support services.   We aspire to preserve the world for future generations for a net-zero emissions environment and green transitioning. We innovate in the domain of sustainable transport and smarter energy ecosystems, accelerating the transition to a lower-carbon world. With our passion for e-mobility, we empower people to go electric.

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EV charging infrastructure solutions are a new, dynamic and fast changing domain that is still at its infancy stage. We are proud to declare our share and win client trust in this new space through our professionalism, deep understanding and insights of next-generation vehicles and e-mobility, as well as the evolution of the collaborative landscape among charging-technology providers, OEMs, operators, utilities, and players in renewable energy. As new software solutions are also emerging and shaping the future of the transport industry electrification, we remain focused on the leading edge of EV digital platforms, such as cloud-based digital solutions that can optimize in real-time EVs traffic and fleet management. With some of the most passionate and experienced minds on our side, we are confident that we have the right  charging solution for every client, working in a trusted  partnership mode and protecting client e-mobility investments. 

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As the e-mobility key challenge is shifting from the so-called “range anxiety” (battery coverage range) towards the “charging infrastructure” ecosystem, we aspire to contribute in the shaping of Cyprus e-mobility infrastructure landscape through our expertise and solutioning, winning market trust and confidence.   

Cyprus, as a Member State of the EU, is working towards its national master plan for EV charging infrastructure and accessibility. The provisions of this plan must include EV ecosystem standards and regulatory framework, as well as the role of the public sector in incentivising the deployment of private sector Public Charging Stations infrastructure investments. This plan needs to be backed up with five key components:

  1. Accessible Network: Set Infrastructure goals and establishing targets (location, affordability, accessibility, construction timing)
  2. Technology & Interoperability: Technology will help improve the customer experience – user authentication for charging at a public location, credit card transactions, monitor charging point availability through a smartphone.
  3. Ecosystem Governance: A governing body should be established to help build the right EV Infrastructure. The role of this governing body should be to coordinate and guide municipalities, the department of energy, transportation, technology and the environment and work together to agree on the way forward.
  4. Implementation Roadmap: A dream without a plan is just a wish, all the involved parties should clearly communicate everything they aspire and target to achieve. This implementation roadmap should include clear milestones, roles and responsibilities of key public and private stakeholders.
  5. Transparency & Flexibility: Public and Private Sector need the flexibility to adjust and adapt through the learning curve from the evolution of the EV market and avoid pitfalls met by earlier efforts. Any master plan should be made dynamically and transparently, and it should be clearly communicated to the public. Of course, the government will also need a transparent mechanism for intervention in case of market failure – including when, how, and for what duration – to give a clear and trusted signal to the market on its commitment for ensuring success throughout this transition.

In 2021 EKCO became an Official Distributor of Wallbox in Cyprus. Wallbox is a leading provider for smart electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions. Wallbox  designs, manufactures and distributes electric vehicle charging technologies. Founded in 2015 Barcelona, Spain by Enric Asunción and Eduard Castañeda, the company is now acknowledged as a global market leader in the EV charging industry. 

What made us so passionate about Wallbox was their innovative solutions and product range, as well as their ability to ‘make and shape the market, instead of following it. Despite only being on the market for just over six years the company has developed game changing and disruptive innovations that are helping to transform the EV Charging Industry globally. Our working relationship with Wallbox is that of strategic partnership and trust, underpinned by our common and shared passion for excellence in customer care and innovation. 

Wallbox has the complete product portfolio to meet private, semi-public & public EV charging needs. 

“We are very proud of working with our partner in Cyprus, EKCO Maximum Power. It is very exciting seeing markets like Cyprus expanding so rapidly in the EV industry. I see Cyprus as a great market when it comes to owning an electric vehicle due to the short distances, its green energy potential and the focus on developing  EV charging hubs for the future” Milos Milosevic, Business Development Manager of Wallbox said in a statement.

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We at EKCO Maximum Power share a passion to build cutting-edge infrastructure for a sustainable electric vehicle future in Cyprus, leveraging on the global expertise and deep understanding of the market with our partner Wallbox. We aspire to be a key driver towards this exciting transformational electric journey, winning client trust through our values, professionalism and passion for excellence. 

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