The Future is Insured

Our EV Charger Insurance is designed to cover the risks associated with owning and operating an EV charger.

Our insurance coverage includes:

  • Device malfunction    Device malfunction
  • Weather damage Weather damage
  • Accidental damage Accidental damage
  • Loss or theft Loss or theft

EKCO Maximum Power insurance services, E-Charger care, ensures total device replacement options that will serve every customer with a guarantee of lasting electric vehicle infrastructure. 

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    With EV Charger Insurance, you get coverage and protection in the case of water damage, accidental damage, breakdown and loss or theft. In some cases it also includes device replacement.

    Our insurance can guarantee that you have the peace of mind to continue your commitment and contribution to a more sustainable present and future with efficiency, immediacy, reliability and responsibility. 

    This depends on the product and the duration of the insurance. You can find our prices here.

    The EV Charger Insurance offers coverage and protection for domestic usage only. 

    Yes, you can renew the insurance coverage every year.

    Yes. Our insurance includes coverage for any damage caused by vandalism. 

    No. Our insurance is solely related to the products by our providers. 

    If the charger has tethered cable, the insurance covers the cable as well. If the cable was provided by another supplier or from the Vehicle Manufacturer, then the cable is not covered by the insurance.

    Yes. In the case your electric charging device is damaged beyond repair, we will offer a replacement as part of our insurance.